3 Frequent Hearing Loss

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Friday, August 2, 2019

3 Frequent Hearing Loss – It is normal for your hearing ability
progressively decreases along with
with increasing age. However, if you do not pay much attention to health
ear early on, it is not impossible to experience hearing loss
when I was young. On
Basically, there are several types of hearing loss that can affect anyone.

Although surgery or medication can almost solve the problem
the. If the hearing problem is permanent, the only solution is
can be used that is using tools
hear. For
to prevent this from happening, learn more about the types
hearing loss following.

1. Conductive hearing loss

This hearing usually occurs when sound vibrations cannot get into
in the inner ear. This condition is usually caused due to interference
in the ossicles (malleus, stapes, and incus) or other parts of the ear which
inhibits the flow of sound reaching the cochlea. Problems caused
from the eardrum
not being able to vibrate the sound waves properly can also be the cause
conductive deafness. Another cause of
This type of conductive hearing loss is:
Accumulated Earwax. The ears produce a smelly wax and make the ears itch when enough dirt is already there. Cleaning ear wax with cotton buds can push dirt inside, making dirt accumulate and clot so that it prevents incoming sound.
Swimmer's ear. Water entering the ear makes the ears moist and cause infection. This condition is also called otitis externa.
Blocked Ears. Pieces of cotton from cotton buds can be separated and left in the ear. This condition can clog your ears so that the incoming sound is less audible.
There is fluid in the middle ear. Ear infections, flu, allergies, or diseases of the respiratory tract can cause fluid to accumulate and disrupt the work of the eustachian tubes which must open and close.
Birth Defects. Immediate external ear canal at birth can cause hearing loss.
Otosclerosis. The growth of abnormal bone shape in the middle of the ear can make the ear unresponsive and not vibrate.
Cholesteatoma. Benign tumor growth in the middle ear due to recurrent ear infections. If there are more than one tumor in the ear, this condition can damage the ear and cause hearing loss.

2. Sensorineural Hearing Loss

This hearing loss is most common. If
Having this condition, the sound that is heard becomes unclear. This problem with the ear occurs in
the inner ear, cochlear nerves, or disorders of the cilia (small hairs that are in the ears). Types of hearing loss
sensorineural is caused by various things and certain medical problems, such as:
Aging. The older you are, the ability of the ear to hear will decrease. This condition is also called presbycusis.
Acoustic Trauma. This condition occurs because of exposure to sound that is so loud for a long time. A noisy environment with quite loud music, loud engine sounds, or other loud sounds can increase ear damage.
Autoimmune Disease That Affects the Inner Ear. Immune system disorders can affect ear health. This condition can worsen the health of your ears, so the ears become buzzing. .
Sudden Changes in Air Pressure. Activities such as flying, scuba diving or skydiving can increase the risk of damage to the inner ear nerve. When landing or returning ashore, the fluid in the inner ear may shift, break, and leak.

3. Combined hearing loss

This hearing loss
is a combination of
sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. People who have conditions
this usually experiences sensorineural hearing loss first. along with
time goes by without
care of the ear, hearing loss becomes worse and causes interference


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