4 Tips on How to Care for Brake Fluid

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Sunday, August 11, 2019

4 Tips on How to Care for Brake Fluid – Brake fluid or so-called oil
brakes have a function to maintain the condition of the brakes to always grip. Karen,
brake fluid treatment is something that is very
important. But do you know the actual name is not quite right, because
brake fluid is not like oil texture. The shape is more like a liquid, and is absorbing water.
Very inversely proportional to the nature of oil that is unable to absorb
water. Therefore, the more appropriate mention is brake fluid.

Its easy to absorb water gives
influence on the condition of the brake fluid itself. At the time the brake fluid has absorbed and contained
water as much as three percent in it, then the boiling point
brake fluid will drop more than one hundred degrees centigrade. If so,
the performance of the brake fluid will decrease and should be replaced immediately
avoid accidents due to brakes that are not standard or commonly called brake failure. Start
Now, let's pay more attention to the condition of the brake fluid. The following is available
four things to consider when treating brake fluid:

Periodic Brake Fluid

Replace brake fluid simultaneously with replacement
brake canvass. This is useful for maintaining the vehicle's optimum point
consistent. Ideally
the change of brake lining is quite diverse for each vehicle.
While brake fluid needs to be replaced every year or around 20,000 km for cars and 10,000 km for motorbikes.

Use liquid
Standard Brakes

when the boiling point of the brake fluid is passed or it's not
able again
to withstand heat that comes from friction discs and
brake lining, the brakes will easily fail. So it's good to use a standard DOT 4 brake fluid that has a boiling point
height, which ranges from 230 degrees Celsius and above.

Conducting a Condition Check
These Three Components

The three components are hose nepel seal, master
brake, and brake lining. These three components greatly affect the condition of brake fluid.
If there is interference with the three components, the brake fluid is vulnerable
leak so vehicle users have to replace brake fluid more often than
the time it should be.

Brakes Are Not The Same As Oil

There are some people who think brake fluid is the same
with oil. There are also some of them too
replace brake fluid with oil. In fact, the function is different. Oli does not have the same features as
brake fluid, i.e. as a shield or brake friction protector when it is on
braking. The boiling point and the temperature they have are much different.