5 Characteristics of the Battery in the Car

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

5 Characteristics of a Broken Battery on the Car – The battery is an important part
from the car. Without the battery, the car can never be started. Unlike a bicycle
motorcycles that can still be started manually
use the crank lever.

Therefore you must always
pay attention to the condition of the battery so that your car battery is maintained and ready to use
any time. Problems with the battery usually
arises because the battery is too old and not maintained. The most problem
The main if ignoring the battery condition is the car will not be able to turn on because
it can't be started. To overcome this, the following are the characteristics of a damaged car battery:

1. Test the battery by starting the car

One of the most basic characteristics of that
indicates that the battery is used up or damaged by starting your car.
If the car is started repeatedly it still does not want to live, it is certain that
Your car battery is damaged or used up.

Or you can also confirm it with
other ways such as charging the battery or pushing the car (maybe cars only
breaking down). But if that method still doesn't work, then there's no mistaking it
Your battery must be replaced.

2. Age of an Old Battery

Battery age can also be used as an indicator
battery health is no longer good. Just like humans, getting older
battery, then the performance will decrease. To check my age, you
can see the date of the age of the battery when the last time you replace your battery.

In general, each workshop will list
date every time you make a battery replacement on the battery body. This is done
so users can check how old the battery is. Normal battery can last less
more than two years since its replacement. However, this time can be faster or
slower depending on the intensity of use used.

3. Battery water that is already turbid

Sometimes the battery looks a lot.
However, it cannot work optimally. Why does this happen? For
make sure, you can check water directly on the battery.

See the clarity in battery water. If the battery
looks very murky, that might be the reason the car can't
light up. Turbidity is usually caused by dust and dirt that enters
in battery. To overcome this, immediately replace the battery water with a new one.

4. Smelly Aki Battery

To ensure the condition of the battery back
your car, and you can identify the battery by smell the battery. If it smells
it has been smelled stinging and is not pleasant, then it is likely a level
the density of the battery is no longer good.

This odor actually comes from cells
damaged battery. The sign is when the car is started, the battery will look like water
which boils over. And another sign is the cells contained in the battery that has been
crush or expand.

5. Output Voltage Is Less Than 10 Volts

This method can be done by charging
return the battery or do a tester again. If the results obtained are lacking
10 Volt, then we can be sure that the battery is damaged. With a voltage as low as this it won't
can be used to start your car.

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