6 Tips for Caring for Car Air Conditioners to Keep Cool

Muhammad Jafar Siddiq

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

6 Tips to Take Care of Car Air Conditioners to Keep Cool – In every air conditioning system it seems like it has
become a mandatory feature that must be in every car. Of course with the cooling system inside the car makes it
we feel cool and more comfortable when driving, especially when weather conditions in tropical countries like
Indonesia which is quite hot and humid plus special traffic conditions
Jakarta, which is always jammed, makes the presence of air conditioners useful and very needed. Not to mention when it rains
the presence of air conditioning will be very useful for removing fog on the windshield

It's not uncommon because it's used too often
every time the AC performance is not optimal. Maybe many of them
vehicle owners who have experienced AC problems like not cold.
These problems are quite disturbing in everyday driving. Let's take this opportunity
a little familiar with the causes of car air conditioners not cold and easy tips on how to treat car air conditioners to keep it cool.

Maybe some of the car owners sometimes assume that the AC is not
cold "ahh most of the freons are gone or lacking, stay
just add freon. " Please note that the freon on the car's air conditioner will not
run out for a long period of time, that means if the freon on the car air conditioner often
quickly decreases or even runs out, there may be a leak in the system
AC cooler.

For that, examine it first before adding freon as well
recognize symptoms in car air conditioners that don't cool the following:

Pay attention to Leaks in the hose or AC pipe

Leaks in pipes or AC hoses are usually caused by age
long usage. Leaks in the AC hose can always make Freon
reduced through the leak holes

Check the Condition of the Evaporator and Condenser

Damage to the condenser
and the evaporator can
because of
age of use of parts, or can also be hit with objects and dirt such as gravel.

Check the Condition of the Compressor

Damage to
Compressor components are usually heard from the engine room, which is located on the AC compressor. Also make sure the rotation of the compressor is rotating fast. We recommend that you don't take it right away
the decision to add AC freon before making sure there is a leak or
damage to the AC system. Do not fill the freon many times because of the AC
not cold too.

In addition there are also "6 tips to easily maintain a car air conditioner
To Stay Cool "follows

1. Avoid opening
Glass Width When AC Turns On

Don't drive
a car with a window wide open when the air conditioner is turned on. This could damage the system on the AC
where the Compressor will continue to work to make the air temperature in the car become

2. Always Maintain
Cleanliness at the Car Cabin

Make sure the condition of the car cabin is always clean of dirt
and dust, the dusty and dirty cabin is not good for AC cleanliness
on cars, dirt and dust will stick to the cabin and car seat.

3. Avoid smoking inside when the car air conditioner is on.

If you want to smoke on
in the car you should turn off the air conditioner and open the windshield so that cigarette smoke
it comes out and doesn't stick in the car's cabin.

4. Clean the Condenser
AC on the Car

Try to do regular maintenance
in the AC condenser, clean the condenser when washing the car for
remove dirt and dust that sticks.

5. Perform Periodic Service
on Car Air Conditioning

By doing
Periodic servicing on AC, can make maintenance on each AC Part become

6. Clean the Cabin Filter

Do not forget to
always take care and clean the cabin filter. Do treatment by doing it
servicing the car air conditioning service. If it is recommended to replace it,
we recommend that you change the cabin filter regularly.

A little explanation from me about the cause
Car air conditioning is not cold and 6 tips are easy to care for
Car air conditioner to keep cool. Actually, the easiest and most feasible way
at all times to keep the car's air conditioner cool and not smell always
maintain cleanliness in the car cabin. Clean and non-dusty cabin will help
keep the car air conditioner cool and not smelly. To make the smell of the cabin a car that doesn't smell musty it might be able to add a car fragrance that isn't too stinging.