Advantages and disadvantages of a car with a FWD (Front Wheel Drive) system

Muhammad Jafar Siddiq

Monday, July 29, 2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cars with FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Systems – Until now many types of cars are sold on the automotive market. In addition there are also a number of wheel drive systems that can also be found in every car on the automotive market. In Indonesia alone
there are 2 types of wheel drive systems that are quite popular, namely RWD and FWD.

(Rear Wheel Drive) uses a rear wheel drive system, while for
FWD (Front Wheel Drive) uses a front wheel drive system. When viewed from the system it is indeed different in terms of drivers
wheels, even the goals of RWD and FWD are not the same.
The launch was first introduced was RWD, but both
have advantages and disadvantages of each.

FWD (Front Wheel Drive)

On cars with front wheel drive systems can
accelerate better than cars with RWD drives. This is because the vehicle engine will be attractive
load, unlike the RWD drive system that drives it.
Even when accelerating the wheels the car won't slip easily.

The advantages of the FWD Drive System

The advantages of other FWD drive systems are that they have a better turning radius when compared
with the system
RWD drive. So that when crossing the bend will be sharper and faster. Not
that's all, even the price of manufacture is far more
cheaper than on
making cars with RWD systems. In the FWD drive system the front axle is directly connected to the transmission
Cars and machines, so there is no need to go through a axle like RWD. By
because it is seen from the component will be less and have a weight

with the weight possessed makes fuel consumption
become more efficient and more powerful machines. Even on the floor
Cars can have looser leg space and are made evenly better for
passengers and car drivers. besides, the level of silence that is possessed
by car with a FWD drive system is better than RWD.

Disadvantages of the FWD Drive System

As for the shortcomings that are owned
by Car with an FWD drive system can not carry that load too
excess. In addition, in terms of care, there is also more compared to
RWD. Then the suspension is required to have quality
good, considering the legs owned by this type of car have age
shorter. So this is also one of the factors
making the price of the car more expensive. Plus when crossing the road
not paved or when crossing a slippery road on an incline it will be easy to experience

The disadvantages of other FWD cars are the risk of understeer. So when the front tire can lose traction when
is crossing a turn. Understanding understeer is a gloomy effect that occurs
on the vehicle because of the push when cornering the weight of the vehicle.

That is so
information about the advantages and disadvantages of a car with a FWD drive system. Hopefully useful and don't forget
read other interesting articles.


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