Advantages and disadvantages of a car with a RWD system (Rear Wheel Drive)

Muhammad Jafar Siddiq

Monday, July 29, 2019

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cars with RWD Systems (Rear Wheel Drive) – Until now many types of cars sold on the automotive market. In addition there are also several wheel drive systems
can also be found in every car on the automotive market. In Indonesia alone there are 2
the types of wheel drive systems that are quite popular are used namely RWD and FWD.

RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) uses a wheel drive system
back, while for FWD (Front Wheel Drive) uses a drive system
front wheel. When viewed from the system it is different in terms of wheel drive, even destination
from RWD and FWD it's also not the same. For launch
first introduced was RWD, but both had advantages and benefits
deficiencies of each.

RWD (Rear Wheel Drive)

Generally for many drive systems pinned
on luxury vehicles or sports cars. The advantages possessed by the system
RWD drive is a matter of handling
which is good enough when crossing corners.

Advantages of RWD Drive Systems

Power problem
resistance is also superior to RWD drive systems, plus the system
RWD drives can be combined with a large enough engine capacity
the resulting performance is also quite good. not only that, by using
RWD systems are capable of carrying heavier loads even though the engine is on
have small enough to use.

Other advantages possessed of
RWD drive system which is lighter power steering.
Plus the rotating radius that is owned is more broken or deep, because it's not
limited by drive shafts and sections
the wheel rotation is also more spacious. But the use of this driving system can be
oversteer at speed
tall one.

Disadvantages of RWD Drive Systems

Even so, there are disadvantages
owned by the RWD drive system. Which when crossing corners will be easy
slipping. Thing
this is precisely the power of attraction for those who have deep indulgence
drift things will definitely choose a car with RWD drive. For the matter of acceleration it will
slightly reduced in the beginning.

Another disadvantage is that is
there is a axle which makes the position of the leg room slightly disturbed.
Given there is a tunnel that is intended for the axle that is located
at the bottom of the chassis. The gate itself has a function as a distributor
power from the engine to the rear wheels.

Not only that, the fuel consumption is owned
by cars with RWD systems you could say more wasteful, because of the weight
owned more heavily than a Car with a FWD (Front Wheel Drive) system.

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