Cooling Liquid in the Machining Process

Muhammad Jafar Siddiq

Friday, 05 July 2019

Cooling Liquid in the Machining Process – The coolant has
very important function in the machining process or
manufacture. Starting from the turning process,
refining, drilling, cutting and so on. Before discussing more about functions
coolant, let's discuss it first
understanding of coolant. In the process of machining or manufacturing, the usual coolant
used has white characteristics such as milk. The liquid
is a mixture of dromus oil and ordinary liquid.

Dromus oil is a
liquid that can dissolve in water. And it forms a very stable white emulsion
when it's mixed with water.

Function of Cooling Liquid

The function of coolant is to stabilize the temperature of the object
Work While Function
the main thing about coolant is to stabilize the temperature of the workpiece while it is being held
processed. When a slashed workpiece will cause
friction between the workpiece and the cutting tool. From friction
it will cause heat. Especially when using cutting speed
which is very
high. So it's necessary
cooled using coolant so that the heat does not increase
and can damage the workpiece and the machine used.

1. Lubricate During Processing

In the machining process,
lubrication of workpieces is also included in important matters. The lubrication
right, it can facilitate the work process.

2. Extend the Life of Cut Tools

Use of coolant
very influential in the cutting process. With a stable temperature, sharpness
cutting tools can be maintained or more durable. So it doesn't need to be too frequent to sharpen or sharpen tools
cut again.

3. Reducing Deformation of Workpieces

Deformation is change
the shape and size of the workpiece caused by the heat received. In general it is called expansion. Thing
this of course will affect the size of the final workpiece. So that
need a coolant to overcome the problem.

4. Clean the Dirt When the Processing Process

Not infrequently scrap or residual results
pieces are on the surface of the workpiece. This can interfere with the process
workpiece workmanship. For
cleaning scrap, operators can use coolant. Because very
dangerous when cleaning using hands.

5. Protecting Workpieces from Corrosion or Rust

For the workpiece
made of metal, rusty is a
big enough problem. By using coolant, the workpiece can
from rusty. However, it would be nice, the workpiece that has been through
the process of processing should be lubricated first with oil. so it's more
protected from corrosion or corrosion.