Cutting Methods and Types of Milling Machines

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Friday, July 5, 2019

Cutting Methods and Types of Milling Machines – On
this article will discuss the types of milling machines. Frais machine
is one type of machine tool that is also widely used on
manufacturing process, besides lathes. Milling machines can also be used to process
cutting where the workpiece surface is worked by a set of sides
sliced ​​on many teeth
which is called a milling knife or can
also called a milling cutter. If on process
turning, the working principle of a lathe with a workpiece turning then a tool
cut in the form of a slicing chisel with a straight motion Meanwhile, the principle of work
on the milling machine viz
utilize a milling knife to
move around, whereas at
workpiece mounted on the table in a motion state
horizontally, upright or rotating slowly. The basic form of each
teeth almost the same as a chisel
lathe, For more details you can
seen in the picture below.

Cutting Method on Milling Machine

In the milling machining there are two
kinds of ways or methods of cutting. The method of cutting a milling machine is
referred to is the method or method of milling a knife to slice the object
work, especially in the direction of cutting it. Both of these cutting methods
that is:
Up miling cutting method This method by utilizing each tooth to start the grinding with thin material, on the surface there will be no fragments. Tatal starts from the thin end and the load acting on the teeth during refraction gradually rises and the milling knife when leaving the workpiece suddenly. The up milling method is very suitable for workpieces that use hard materials
Down miling cutting method This method of cutting begins from the thick plate first so that when the teeth leave the workpiece gradually drops. When making initial cuts the maximum load will occur. This method is not suitable for use in the work of casting objects because these objects have a hard surface, but this method is more suitable for workpieces than relatively soft material.

Types of milling machines

Basically the types of milling machines
divided into 2 types viz
universal milling machine and vertical milling machine

A. Vertical Milling Machine

Vertical milling machine
has a main axis in the form of a spindle
in a position perpendicular to the engine table. Its head can be rotated upright
so that the position of the main axis can be angled to the axis of the machine. In addition, the vertical milling machine has
the spindle is vertical on the table and can be added with equipment
allow the workpiece to rotate. The iris tool used inside
the machine is the eye end
miling. This machine can also be used for the drilling process, reaming just change the cutting tool to do drilling on the workpiece.

B. Universal Milling Machine

Universal milling machine has
the main axis is a spindle
which is located parallel to the engine table. Machine table in this type can be rotated horizontally and
make an angle of about 45
degrees in the direction of the pole