Dangers of Electric LAS for the Health of the Human Body

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Monday, July 1, 2019

Dangers of Electric LAS for Body Health – In welding jobs there are many risks
which will occur if not careful about the use of welding equipment when used, the machine
and wrong work position. Some of the most important hazards to
welding include the following:

1. Las Light and Light

and welding rays are very dangerous During the welding process, the effects of which will
arise from light
and rays that can harm the welder and other workers around
welding The light includes visible light or light
visible, ultraviolet light and infrared light. The following is
the explanation.

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet light is a beam that is easily absorbed by the eye, but this ray has a considerable influence on the chemical reactions that occur
in the body. If ultraviolet rays are
absorbed by the lens and cornea of ​​the eye exceeds a certain amount then the eye
it will feel as if there is a foreign object inside. Then in the near future about 6 to 12 hours later the eyes will
become ill for 6 to 24 hours. In general, this pain will disappear
after 48 hours.
Visible All visible light that enters the eye
will be transmitted by the lens and cornea to the retina of the eye. If this light is too much
strong it will become tired and if it takes too long it might become sick.
This feeling of fatigue and pain is also temporary.
Infrared Infrared light is not felt
by the eyes, because this ray is more dangerous because there is no known pain caused and also not visible.
The effect of infrared light on the eye is the same as the effect of heat, i.e.
cause swelling of the eyelids, corneal disease,
premature presbyopia and coarseness.
2. Dangerous electrical currents

The amount of shock that results from
electricity depends on the amount of current and the state of resistance that exists in the body
human. The level of shock and its relation to the amount of current as

On the Stream
1 mA will only cause a small shock and not harmful.
On the Stream
5 mA will provide high enough stimulation to the muscles and cause taste
On the Stream
10 mA will cause extreme pain.
At Flow20
mA will cause contraction in the muscles so that people are affected
cannot release himself without the help of others.
On the Stream
50 mA is very dangerous for the body.
In the range of 100 mA current can cause death.
3. Dangers of Dust and Gas in Las Smoke.
Dust in welding smoke has
size ranges
between 0.2 μm to 3 μm. Ingredient composition
from welding smoke dust depends on the type of welding and the electrodes
used. If the electrodes of the hydrogen type are low, then at
in the smoke dust there will be fluorine (F) and potassium oxide (K2O). In
welding electric arc without gas, the smoke will contain a lot of oxide
magnesium (MgO). The gases that occur during welding are carbon gases
monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), ozone (CO3) and nitrogen dioxide gas

4. Fire hazard.

Fire occurs because of direct contact
between welding welding with combustible materials such as diesel,
gasoline, gas, paper paint and other combustible materials. Danger
fires can also occur due to cables being hot which are caused
because the connection is not good on the electricity, such as improper wiring or presence
electricity leakage due to damaged insulation.


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