Definition, How to Use and Types of Spry Gun (Spray Paint)

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Definition, How to Use and Types of Spry Gun (Spray Paint) – Spray gun is a tool used
to atomize liquid objects, usually a spray gun is used for
spray paint. By using a spray gun, the result of painting will be
better and saves the use of paint compared to using a brush. For
get good painting results when using a spray gun, you
requires practice and experience in order to produce maximum results. For
those of you who just want to learn to paint or buy a spray gun, tips
below may be helpful to determine what type of spray gun is
need to buy.

Parts of the Spray Gun:

Paint tank
nozzle / nozzle cap
spray / trigger lever
Wide regulator knob for spraying paint
knob regulates the amount of paint released from the nozzle
knob to regulate the pressure of the air entering the spray gun

all spray guns have a knob to regulate the incoming air pressure as shown (no 6). But you can install a tool called (pressure regulator) on the bottom (vent) spray
gun. This tool is normal already
there is a pressure indicator in the form of analog or digital.

Types of Spray Gun:

1. Suction

In the spray gun with suction feed type,
the paint container is on
the bottom of the spray gun. This type of spray gun requires a lot of energy or wind to be able to suck
and spitting out paint, apart from that
from its body too
big, this type of spray gun
not suitable for painting small narrow surfaces. Advantages
of this type of spray gun can hold a lot of paint so it is suitable for
painting with a large field
and broad as walls, fences.

2. Gravity Feed

spray gun with this type, because
the storage tube is located
at the top of the spray gun,
then the paint will come out through the nozzle by itself and the wind just works
to spray paint, so
not spend a lot of energy or
angina to do
painting process. This is the most type of spray gun
often used to paint cars, motorcycles and so on.

it's suction feed and gravity
feeds, the nozzle in the spray gun also varies in size, depending on
what area will be painted and how thick the paint will be sprayed.
Spray gun in the middle image, the size of the nozzle is 1.5 mm, while that is
the right size is 0.8 mm. The size also affects the size of the pattern
spray when painting, so if the area to be painted is small, use a spray gun with
small size and vice versa if
the size is bigger then use a bigger spray gun too (adjust it
by requirement).

How to Use and Adjust the Spray Gun

the type of spray gun used,
how to use and adjust
spray gun is generally the same. To get the maximum settings, you
need to try repeatedly
Check the output of the spray gun nozzle. Because with different
the thickness of the paint, the settings will be different too.
     the output air pressure on the compressor to be 26 psi or adjust it to
     manual on the spray gun when, then put the spray gun on the hose
     paint into the tank, then cover.
     knob to adjust the amount of liquid that will come out of the nozzle. Rotate the nozzle
     clockwise to shrink and turn counter-clockwise to
     multiply the output that comes out of the nozzle.
Adjust the pressure
     air that enters the spray gun. Trials and errors are needed here
     to get the right spray. The principle is if
     too much wind coming in, the paint will become fog and
     speckled, paint becomes wasteful and the results obtained will not
     nice. Vice versa, if too little air pressure
     obtained, the paint will not spray properly.
     knob for a wide range of spray paints. Rotate the knob clockwise
     to shrink the area of ​​the spray and turn counter clockwise to
     enlarge the area of ​​the spray. Before painting on the area to be painted,
     do an experiment first from the results of paint spray on the newspaper or


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