Difference between Nylon and String Guitar Strings

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Difference between Nylon and String Strings – Guitar
is a musical instrument that is often played by many people, but not a few
also people who
still can't distinguish the difference between guitar strings and nylon strings. Even though the sound produced from
The guitar is also influenced by the strings used on the guitar. Generally,
the difference between the two strings is the type of guitar. There is
the two types of acoustic guitars are nylon strings and those that use
string or wire strings. Although most people think there is no difference
from both of these guitars. However, there are many
the difference between acoustic guitars that use string strings and nylon strings.

Music type

most visible from an acoustic guitar that uses strings and nylon strings that is the sound produced. Both have a distinctive tone. In
In addition, there are several types of music suitable for playing with an acoustic guitar
nylon strings and some are only suitable for using acoustic guitars using string strings. On acoustic guitars that use nylon, very
suitable for playing jazz songs, classics and songs that are dominated by strings of guitar strings. This matter
because the sound produced from nylon strings is somewhat softer if
compared to string strings.

on a stringed acoustic guitar, the songs played are more diverse, i.e. songs
rock, pop, blues and so on. In other words, stringed guitar
strings are more flexible than guitars that use nylon strings. The characteristics of the sound produced
is more squeaky and brighter.

Guitar Shape
Nylon strings and string strings

Difference from strings
nylon guitar and string too
can be seen from the shape of the guitar used. As a beginner guitar player,
maybe you don't really understand that. Basically, guitar
nylon strings have a more guitar neck shape
wide compared to stringed acoustic guitars. Although the guitar neck
wider, the number of frets that an acoustic guitar has
nylon strings are somewhat smaller, around 12 to 14 frets.

Not only that
Of course, a guitar that uses nylon strings is not easy
curved due to the nylon strings which are very elastic and flexible. The nylon stringed acoustic guitar also doesn't have a stopper at the end
strings. In other words, to attach a nylon string, you must tie it
on the bridge or the tip of the guitar. Strengths owned
by nylon strings which are conditions that are not easily corroded.

As for the
stringed acoustic guitar, usually has a neck size
smaller than an acoustic guitar that uses nylon strings. Even so, the number of frets is
possessed of more string guitar, around 14 to 16 frets.
Another difference is that the guitar string has a stop at the end of the string, so
You don't need to bother tying the strings.

Likewise, string beam acoustic guitar tends to bend more easily
the guitar neck. This happens because of tension
very high string or wire strings. The more often it is played, the more it will be
risky crooked guitar neck will
the greater it is. For this reason, string string acoustic guitar users must
pay more attention to the condition of the strings. In addition, string strings also have
risk for rusting.