Explanation of How Diesel Engines Work 2 Stroke

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Explanation of How a 2 Stroke Diesel Engine Works – A diesel engine is a driving motor
using diesel fuel. During this time, you know that diesel engines are usually used
on a bus or truck. On
basically, machine
diesel was also used as a motor propeller on the ship.
Diesel engines used on ships generally use a 2-stroke system as a combustion system, 2 diesel engines do not have the advantage in the toursi they get, where the toursi resulting from
2 diesel engines no bigger
compared to a 4 stroke diesel motor.

"Why Toursi Gets Greater
A 2 stroke Diesel Engine rather than a 4 stroke Diesel Engine? "

In accordance with namnaya, 2-stroke diesel motor
only has two steps for one cycle. Meaning in one time
crank rotation, combustion must always occur in each cycle. When compared with the 4 stroke diesel engine which has 4
steps (it takes two crank turns for one combustion to occur) then
the results obtained are much greater that the 2 stroke diesel engine.

The effect obtained is on consumption
solar. Which is a 2 stroke diesel engine
have material consumption
diesel fuel
2 times more wasteful than 4 stroke diesel engines despite the capacity of both
made the same.

Diesel Engine Working Principle 2 Stroke

The 2-stroke diesel engine does not use a 2-step method or is called a two-stroke in one run
work cycle. While in each
the steps require half
crank rotation. So you could say the working principle of a 2-step diesel motor is that engine
convert heat energy (chemistry) into motion energy with one rotation
crank. The heat energy is
resulting from combustion between oxygen and compressed diesel. The result of the burning will be
giving rise to expansion power which pushes the piston to move.

How To Work 2 Stroke Diesel Engines

In a 2 stroke diesel engine, it only happens
two steps, namely:

1. Suction & Compression Steps

The suction step is the entry process
air into the engine cylinder, while the compression step is a step
the process of compressing air into a denser form so that the temperature of the air

On a 4 stroke diesel engine, both of these processes are located inside
different steps. But on a 2 stroke system, both steps occur in one
step in turn.

Starting from the piston in the TMB (Point
Dead Bottom), when the piston is inside
TMB conditions, air will enter
through the air holes around the cylinder wall. This air can
pushed in because the intake channel is a blower or turbo that helps push air towards the engine.

Then the piston will move up,
This movement will make the air hole closed by the piston wall.
As a result, when the new piston moves ¼ to TMA (Upper Dead Point) compressed air will
begins. When
the piston reaches the TDC position, the air which has been successfully compressed so that
the temperature rises and is ready to burn.

2. Business & Dispose Steps

The second step is the business and waste steps, the business step is the process
the combustion, while the exhaust step is a process step
exhaust combustion gas from the engine to the exhaust.

Business steps will occur when the piston
reach TMA (Upper Dead Point) at the end of the step
compression, at this time the injector will
obscuring some of the diesel fuel into the high pressure air. The result
diesel will burn by itself.

"Why does diesel fuel burn?"

This happened because of the air temperature
which is compressed beyond the solar flash point. So, solar will burn if
put in high temperature air. Results
from the combustion will cause expansion power that drives the piston
moves to TMB (Bottom Dead Point). Before the piston
reach TMB, the exhaust valve will open. In this position, the air hole too
will open because the piston position is below. So that the air is exhaled
by the blower will push the combustion gases out through the exhaust valve.

The exhaust valve will close again when the piston will return to the TDC (Upper Dead Point). This process will
continues until the solar supply is stopped.


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