Factors Related to the Accident

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Factors Related to Accidents – When working, it often happens
Occupational accidents, and not happen by accident, but rather exist
because, because the accident must be examined and found
the cause, so that in the future can do corrective addressed to
the cause itself, as well as with further preventive efforts to the accident
can be prevented and similar accidents do not happen again. In fact
there are two categories of causes of work accidents. Group
The first is the mechanism and environmental factors, which include everything
besides human factors. While the second group
namely the human factor itself which is the cause of the accident.
relating to the occurrence of work accidents, namely:
Environmental Conditions in the Workplace Environmental conditions can affect worker productivity. Environmental conditions
what is meant is: Control
lack of management.
minimal work.
work that does not meet standards.
failed work or workplaces that do not meet the capacity of people.
Someone's Mistake on the Spot
Work includes: Skills
and minimal worker knowledge.
physical and mental.
which is minimal or misplaced.
the less.
Unsafe The conditions of the work environment referred to are: No.
following approved work methods.
Get rid of
or do not use work safety equipment.
Work accident

Heinrich defines that
a work accident is an incident
which is common in the work environment.

The incident
the unexpected.
contact with dangerous machinery or electricity.
Dropped while working.
falling machines or materials, and so on.
Injury and Damage

Injury and damage to workers can be divided into 2, namely:

workers which include illness and suffering, loss of income, loss
quality of life.
employers include factory damage, payment of compensation, loss of production,
and possible prosecution.