Functions, Methods and Types of AIR SUSPENSION (Air Suspension)

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Functions, Methods and Types of AIR SUSPENSION (Air Suspension) – System
suspension on the vehicle serves to absorb vibrations so they are not directly affected
to the vehicle body. A car must be equipped with a suspension system
in order to support comfort while driving. This is addressed because in each
the road must have an uneven surface.

" What
So if a car does not use a suspension? "

It will definitely feel the vibration at the time
car running. In general
many vehicles use bending steel springs as
vibration damper. But this technology already
developed and many vehicles have used the air suspension system as a replacement. As the name implies, this system works by utilizing compressed air as a vibration damper.

Air suspension, or if interpreted means an air suspension is used
instead of the spring function. Currently the water suspension is widely applied
on various cars, trailers and buses. In this system the air pressure in the air suspension can be adjusted according to the vehicle load.


1. Air Compressors

Air compressor functions to pump and create
air pressure. Considering this system makes use of
air pressure as a silencer
then the compressor is an important part of the air suspension.

2. Storage Tubes

This tube functions as a store of air reserves in the air compressor
work. This will prevent lack of air when the system works.

3. High pressure air hose

The hose will connect each
high pressure air components. Therefore, interval
the air must be strong to prevent leakage.

4. Air Bag

An air bag is where the air receives vehicle loads. Volume
air bags will vary according to vehicle load.

Selenoid Valves

This valve serves as a door between the air in the storage tube and the bag
air. This valve will open when the air in the air bag is removed
and refilled.


When the engine is started, the power from the engine will drive the compressor
air. the compressor will supply air pressure to the storage tube.
compressed air which can then be inserted
into the air bag located on the vehicle legs through the valve
selenoid as a door channel the air. An air bag is like a (shock
absorber) that can move up and down but is designed more closely because
filled with compressed air.

Because the air you get can be compressed, the volume of the air bag
will be able to change when the load varies, air
the air bag will expand and deflate according to the load received.
That is what causes water suspension to absorb vibrations better.


1. Strut or Cylinder Type

In the type of spring strut and shock absorber put together. Type
it doesn't take much space. However, type
it has a harder kick. Usually this type of Air Shock is used
for lightweight cars that have narrow spaces, this type is also suitable for
sports car with a suspension that tends to be hard. The gal is aimed at stabilizing
car at the time
high speed.

2. Type Bag (Air Balloon Suspension)

This type is referred to as
balloon type, because
air bags used
shaped like a balloon. In the type of balloon
Rebounds against shocks are softer and soft so they feel more comfortable when driving.
However, this type requires a large enough space for
its placement. Is that why this type of balloon is widely used for vehicles
such as trucks and buses that have a wide and wide chassis.


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