Healthy Snacks for Coffee Friends That Don't Make You Fat

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Healthy Snacks for Coffee Friends That Don't Make You Fat – Coffee is indeed a must-have ritual for most people. I don `t know
after breakfast, take a break after activities and at sleep-prone hours
at noon. So that
drinking routine
coffee becomes more fun, maybe a snack menu when cheating can be a complement. No need to fear fat when
eating snacks, there are some
healthy snacks that you can enjoy while drinking coffee.

Healthy Snacks For Companions
When you have coffee

Drinking coffee can be a savior when morale begins to decline. Basically,
coffee contains caffeine which can increase alertness and focus, so you can focus
concentrate again in doing activities. The benefits of coffee are not only that. A year study
2006 published on Critical Reviews
In Food Science and Nutrition states that the benefits of drinking coffee in the appropriate amount.
Especially in preventing the development of chronic diseases, such as diseases
Parkinson's, diabetes mellitus, carcinoma
hepatocellular and cirrhosis.

In addition to its unique taste, coffee also has benefits
abundant. However, in reality coffee often contains a lot of sugar,
especially if added with sweet snacks, like donuts. The habit of drinking coffee and eating snacks
high sugar will make excessive intake of sugar in the body. Impact
obtained is,
the risk of weight gain may increase. To prevent this from happening,
complementary food choices when drinking coffee should be considered. The following
are some recommended snacks
for coffee that doesn't make you fat.

1. Banana Stew

Fried bananas are true friends when you drink coffee. Unfortunately,
Starchy bananas usually contain a lot of oil so the intake should be
restricted. But, you dont have to worry. If you are happy
consuming bananas,
Bananas are still being made
coffee side snacks, really.

To be healthier and low in calories, bananas should not be fried but rather
boiled or steamed. Bananas and other fruits, such as apples and berries
high in fiber. This makes your stomach feel full in the run
longer time.
In addition, fruits with low glycemic index values ​​also do not make levels
blood sugar rises suddenly.

2. Snack Bar from Soybeans

Soy bar snacks can be a mainstay for delaying hunger and adequate daily fiber intake. This snack turned out to be suitable to be friends when drinking coffee. The savory and slightly sweet taste can help neutralize the sour and bitter mouth that is typical of coffee. In addition, the basic ingredients derived from soybeans have a low glycemic index value. This glycemic index is a measure of how quickly sugar from food can be absorbed in the blood. The higher the glycemic index value, the faster the blood sugar level rises after eating. Therefore, you do not need to worry about blood sugar rising immediately due to drinking sweet coffee and soy snacking at the same time.

3. Nuts

The third
that is beans. Snack
This can also be a mainstay when drinking coffee. Types of beans that can be used
friends during coffee are peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and peanuts
hazelnuts. Same as
bananas, beans are also included in the recommended foods
healthy diet. Potential of snacks
this was mentioned in a 2010 study in the journal Nutrients. Researchers found that
women who consume nuts more than 2 times a week do not weigh much
rises and the risk of obesity is lower than women who don't eat nuts.

Pay attention to this if you want to have a snack while snacking

the name, snack or snack does not replace heavy eating
You. So, at the moment
snack food by drinking coffee, the portions should not be too excessive. Coffee
that you make also should not be added too much sugar. Try
to drink coffee without using sugar. The goal is that calorie intake is included
body is not excessive.