How to Clean Stains on a Car Interior

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Monday, August 12, 2019

How to Clean Stains on a Car Interior – Parts
fragrant and clean car interiors can add comfort when
driving a car. However, to maintain the interior of the car remains
fresh and clean requires effort that is not easy. You must always make sure
conditions in the car. If left
just like that, poop
what remains can leave traces of stains on the interior surfaces of a car, pg
this is what makes you go the extra mile to take care of your car.

By using a special cleaner, your car can be clean and avoid stains
stick to it. However, there are
several ways you can do to remove traces of stains on the surface
car interior. Namely, using materials that might be available
in your house.

do the cleaning, you have to clean all hard surfaces with a cloth
wet. This aims to eliminate all impurities that can
spread dirt to other parts. Besides that, clean all the dust
stuck to the interior and scattered garbage and might be left in it, such as snacks and beverage bottles. Check all compartments
which is inside not to be left behind. Next stay
remove the stain
stick on
car interior surfaces use the following materials:

1. Using
     toothpaste to remove stains on the surface of leather seats or components
     others are made from vinyl. The way to clean it is by rubbing
     gently on the stained area. It is recommended to try it first
     first in a small area, because there is a possibility can influence
     color on the surface of the skin
     like faded.

2. For
     remove stains on hard surfaces like the dash might try
     use alcohol. However, more and more alcohol is
     used it will be more likely to whiten what surface color
     also in the dashboard of a car. So it's best, mix
     alcohol with water in the same composition. Then spray on
     hard surface and wipe with a soft cloth.

3. Using
     baking soda powder to clean oil stains on car dashboards. How to use it by sprinkling powder
     baking soda on a stained surface and rub with a damp cloth.
     After a few hours clean the remaining powder with a wet cloth then
     dry it.

4. Mixed
     Fresh lemon with olive oil can be a solution for making interior parts
     car. Because this mixture can be applied to all materials, including
     dash, vinyl surface
     and plastic surface. How to use it by applying a little
     the mixture is on the cloth, then wipe the cloth that has been given a mixture of olive oil on the surface. That should
     care when cleaning is not to use this solution
     for pedals, levers, or brakes, because it will make the surface more slippery.