How to deal with dizziness due to low blood pressure

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Thursday, August 22, 2019

How to treat dizziness due to low blood pressure – Dizziness due to low blood pressure
usually goes away by itself. However, this complaint can
a worrisome condition if it lasts for a long time or is so severe
to faint, to find out how
handle it, on
this article I will discuss about how to overcome dizziness due to
low blood pressure.

How to Overcome Dizziness
Due to Low Blood Pressure

Dizzy complaints can appear at any time
only. The following is a series of ways you can do to
ease it.

Drinking water

Quoting from the American Heart Association, dehydration
can reduce blood pressure volume, causing symptoms such as dizziness.
In fact, mild dehydration can make the head feel a little dizzy. Besides
dizziness, other symptoms of dehydration are thirst, fatigue, and reduction
urination frequency. If you experience these symptoms, immediately give the body
adequate fluid intake by drinking water.

Adjusting Body Position

Dizziness due to blood pressure
low can be triggered by the habit of standing for too long. Someone who
rising from a lying down position or sitting suddenly may experience complaints
the same one. Condition
this is because blood flow does not reach the brain. The brain is deficient
oxygen and trigger dizziness. Sit down
for a moment if you feel you've been standing for too long. When about to stand up from position
lying or sitting, do it slowly so that the blood carries
oxygen intake to the brain can be achieved.

Maneuvering Epley

Epley's maneuver is training
overcome dizziness due to interference with the inner ear. Nevertheless,
this exercise can also be done by people who often experience dizziness
due to low blood pressure.

Changing dietary intake

Eating patterns are very important
in overcoming taste
dizzy due to blood pressure
low. To increase blood pressure with
safe, here are some foods and drinks that you can
Foods rich in vitamin B12 such as beef, eggs and fortified cereals.
Folic-rich foods such as beans, broccoli, asparagus, liver and green leafy vegetables.
Salt containing foods, such as canned fish, pickles and cheese.
Caffeinated drinks such as coffee. Avoid high-sugar sources of caffeine such as energy drinks and soda.

Taking a Dizziness-Reducing Drug

If the changes made are not
can overcome taste
dizzy due to low blood pressure,
You may need to take drugs that can reduce dizziness
to control blood pressure. Try consulting first
with a doctor to get appropriate treatment.

Medications that are often used for
treating low blood pressure is midodrine and fludrocortisone.
Both of these drugs have a direct effect on blood circulation, so you need to
drink it, make sure to consume accordingly
doctor's advice.

Low blood pressure is
medical conditions that have a major effect on the quality of life of sufferers. So no
interfere with daily activities, you need to know how to deal with dizziness
which appears due to low blood pressure. Diet is usually enough
influential to overcome blood pressure. However, make sure you stay
eat healthy foods so that blood pressure rises
under control.