How to make a thread using a tap

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How to make a thread in taps – How to make thread in taps for manufacturing
nut and bolt connection definitely needs a screw to put it together. It is good
inner screw and outer screw. Before making thread, you must know in advance understanding
threads and types. On
this article will discuss how to make it
complete internal thread. To make internal thread, you can use two methods
that is:

Manual Technique Using Tap

To make a thread using tap on
generally used to make limited and short threads. Tap is usually used to make translucent and not threaded
translucent (dead-end thread). Can also be used to repair damaged threads. Tap
has an outer thread shape and has an elongated curve called (furrow).

A tap has three or more strains. The strain itself works
as a way to dispose of the remaining pieces of the tapping process. Please note that tap
have different thread sizes. Usually written on the body tap. One
Tap set consists of three types of tap, namely:

Tap No.1 tapered (taper tap). Used for initial work in setting.
Tap No.2 tap half tapered (plug tap). Used after finishing work using Tap No.1.
Tap No.3 tap cylindrical (bottoming tap). This tap is used for finishing work or to perfect the shape of the thread.

when using tap, we need a handle called a handle
The tap handle handle is used to hold the tap and make it easy for users to
rotate the tap. Before rolling, you must punch a hole in the workpiece first
drilled. The size of the hole to be threaded must be really a little smaller than the size of the threaded thread
will be made, not to be bigger than the tap size.

The steps
Making Screws Using Tap

First, grip the workpiece strongly and correctly. Make sure the area to drill is perpendicular to the drill.
The second step is to make a hole in the workpiece with a size and depth as needed. Make sure the hole is also perpendicular.
Then make a chamfer using countersink to make it easy to tap into the hole.
Install Tap No.1 on the tap handle. Then insert the tip of the tap in the hole. Ensure that the tap position is perpendicular, so that the resulting thread is not tilted and uneven.
Rotate the handle tap using both hands with balanced strength. Do not be too strong in pressing the tap, because the tap can be broken and stuck in the hole.
Do turns right and left alternately. It aims to feed motion and disposal of the plate.
Don't forget to apply lubricating oil to the tapping process.
Clean the tiles or the rest of the feed so that it does not interfere with the process of setting. By removing the tap from the hole then sprayed using the wind.
If Tap No.1 has reached the required depth, replace it with Tap No.2.
Repeat steps 5 through 9.
Replace with Tap No.3 then repeat steps 5 through 9.
Then check the thread using bolts of the same thread size.

Blind Screw Using a Lathe

On manufacture
Internal threading using a lathe is usually done for larger hole sizes. So that requires special expertise in carrying out using this machine. In
screw manufacturing requires several tools such as:

Drill bit
Chamfer Chisels
Internal thread chisel
Bolts of the same size
     with the thread to be made
Thread gauge


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