How to Overcome Leg Cramps Naturally

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Friday, August 2, 2019

How to Overcome Leg Cramps Naturally – Everyone must have experienced leg cramps, both due to dehydration, effects
exercise too hard, or because of age. Cramps usually attack the muscles
calves or thigh muscles, but it could just happen in
the whole leg. Indeed, pain due to cramps can go away on its own. However,
to save time and speed up the recovery process, you can
deal with leg cramps themselves naturally.

Various ways
Overcoming Cramps
Natural Feet

When a leg cramps,
immediately do how to overcome leg cramps as follows:

1. Doing

When you experience cramps
feet immediately stop all activities. Then do stretching or
light stretches to help relieve the sensation of cramps in the legs. Straighten up
feet and pull the toes toward the knee to stretch the calf muscles. You are biased too
walking on tiptoe or massaging the leg muscles after finishing doing
stretching and cramps subside.

Compressing Legs with Warm Water

Hot temperatures can help
relieve leg cramps. You can use it by compressing
a towel dipped in warm water, soaking feet in warm water, or
attach a heating pad to the cramped leg. Set
hot temperatures and increase slowly if the legs still feel cramps. Sooner or later
cramping sensation in the legs will be reduced.

Drink a lot of water

When leg cramps strike,
drink plenty of water immediately. Dehydration can make muscles in the legs
lack of oxygen which can trigger cramps. This method really isn't
immediately makes the cramped legs quickly subside.
However, p
this can at least help reduce pain and
make you more comfortable.

Food Sources of Magnesium

When you have cramps, you can
so you lack of electrolyte intake in the form of magnesium. Foods that have a source of magnesium such as whole grains and legumes can
helps maintain muscle strength and flexibility. If
accompanied by drinking plenty of water or other electrolyte drinks, the body
will process magnesium faster. Later cramps in the legs
quickly disappear and you can
back to activity as usual.


When the feet are felt
cramps, maybe you are
will straighten the legs and rest. Why not
Are you trying to walk?

Walking can actually help
relieve leg cramps. By walking, the body will send a signal to
tense leg muscles to relax for a moment. Just walk slowly
until the pain in the cramps decreases.


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