Jazz Musical Instruments

GENRE JAZZ1 MUSIC TOOLS. GITARGitar is a stringed musical instrument that is played with fingers or a plectrum (guitar picking instrument). The sound is produced from vibrating strings. GUITAR BASS The electric bass (usually called electric bass or bass) is a stringed musical instrument that uses electricity to enlarge its sound. Its appearance is similar to an electric guitar but it has a larger body, a longer neck, and usually has four strings3. PIANOPiano is a musical instrument that is played with fingers. The piano player was called a pianist. At the beginning of the creation, the sound of the piano was not as hard as the piano of the twentieth century, like the piano made by Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655 – 1731) made in 1720. The reason was that the piano string tension was not as strong now. Now the piano is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. SAKSOFON Saxophone is an instrument that is still classified as a woodwind family. Saxophone is usually made of metal and is played using single-reed like a clarinet. Saxophone is generally associated with popular music, big band music and jazz, but originally intended as an orchestral and military band instrument5. TROMPET Trumpet is a metal wind instrument. Located in the highest rank between tuba, euphonium, trombone, sousafon, French horn, and Bariton. The trumpet is pitched at B ompet. The trumpet only has three buttons, and the trumpet player must adjust the embouchure to get a different tone. TROMBONTrombon is a metal wind instrument. As with other metal wind instruments, sound is produced by vibrating the lips. The word trombone is taken from the Italian language sheep (trumpet) and -one (suffix meaning big), then in the language of the meaning of the trombone is "big trumpet". BIOLABiola is a stringed instrument that is played by swiping. The violin has four strings (G-D-A-E) which are set differently from each other with a perfect fifth interval. The lowest tone is G. Among the violin family, namely with Viola, cello and double bass or counter bass, the violin has the highest tone. The other string instrument, bass, technically enters the viol family. Paper music for violins almost always uses or is written on the key G.8. DRUMDrum is a group of percussion instruments consisting of stretched skin and beaten with a hand or a stem. Apart from skin, drums are also used from other materials, such as plastic. Drums are available all over the world and have many types, such as drums, timpani, Bodhrán, Ashiko, snare drums, bass drums, tom-toms, beduk, and others. Maybe until here just a wetting of musical instruments with jazz genre, if there is a shortage I apologize and hopefully it will be useful for musicians today.