Maintenance of Injection Systems in Diesel Engines

2. Injecting
fuel into the engine cylinder combustion chamber
3. Disappoint
fuel into the cylinder combustion chamber
4. Submitting
when injecting fuel
5. Organize
engine speed according to load through fuel distribution settings
6. Restore
fuel into the fuel tangka
7. Accommodate fuel
1. Put the injection system on the fuel
2. Control
fuel delivery speed
3. Disappoint
Diesel Engine Components With Fuel inline injection pump
diesel motor fuel injection system components include inspection,
testing and repairing components to meet specifications specified by the factory standard. Such maintenance must
performed periodically in accordance with the duties of the components in the system.
The work steps that must be carried out include dismantling, cleaning the machine, repairing, adjusting according to the factory installation standards and

1. Tank Maintenance

the fuel usually suffers damage like
leakage, dirty and condensation.
To improve the fuel tangka must be careful because it can be dangerous when making repairs. When repairing
the tank is carried out near sparks or cigarettes can cause fires.

checking and repairing the fuel level can be done as follows:

1. Remove the tank from
the engine unit

2. Clean the gas tank with hot water or steam

3. Dry the tank
with air compressor

4. Check for leaks
tank with:

~ Way

wet can be done with
hole out the tangka and clean the surface until dry, the tank is filled
with water while the tank hole is connected with pressurized air to press the water in order to know
signs of leakage in the tank.

~ Way
air pressure

pressure is by closing the inlet while the exit hole
connected to compressed air, the tank is immersed in water if present
bubbles then the tank has a leak.

2. Pump Maintenance
Fuel Transfer

Maintenance at the material supply pump
Burn is done as follows:

Pump Transfer Testing

Suction capacity testing

~ Testing
pumping ability

Disassembly of the transfer pump

If the displacement pump is to be repaired, it must be disassembled first according to the serial number on the part
the pump.

Pump Transfer Inspection

Check pistons, pump housings and push rods for wear and damage.

Check for wear on the check valve and valve seat

Check roller and tappet wear

Check for possible damage to the regulating valve and piston spring

Pressure and suction checks on injection pumps

Pump Transfer Assembly

After carrying out the inspection process and
cleaning of the pump components, then the pump is reassembled according to
the serial numbers are as follows:

1. Push bar

2. Pistons

3. Plunyer room

4. Tappet

5. Snap ring

6. Check valve & spring

7. Priming pump

8. Distribution pump assembly

9. Exit pipe

10. Inlet pipe

Perform Fuel Filter Maintenance

Dismantling the fuel filter and assembling the fuel filter.

Fuel Injection Pump Maintenance / service

Dismantling of injection pipes and inspection and repair.