Overcoming Cars That Are Vibrating When Braking

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Friday, August 16, 2019

Overcoming a Vibrating Car When Braking – A vibrating car will definitely make the driver feel uncomfortable when driving, other than that
unusual vibration also raises a sense of concern for the driver,
Moreover, this vibration occurs when the car brakes. To find the cause of
the problem, in this article will discuss in detail the causes
and how to overcome a car that vibrates when braking.

Cause The Car Shakes When Brake

Brakes and vibrations are actually very closely related, the brake system
using the principle of friction will certainly cause an erratic vibration
as a result of the friction. But the car brake component was made
such that the vibrations produced are not felt on
car dashboard. For the problem of cars that vibrate when the brakes are stepped on, there are 3
possible causes, namely:

1. The Surface of the Dish is Uneven

The most common thing for a car to vibrate when the brakes are on an uneven disk. When the brakes are stepped on, both brake pads will clamp the disc. If the disc is still smooth and still center, then the brakes will be fine and feel smooth too. However, if the surface of the disc is not flat, especially if there are scratches on the disc, the effect will occur when braking vibrations.

There are 2 solutions that can be used to overcome these problems, namely:

First, you can turn the brake disc if the bumpy surface is not too severe.
Second, you need to replace the brake disc with a new one, this method is more recommended because it is more effective and safer to overcome the symptoms of brake sound and vibrate.

2. Calipers Pins on the Brakes
It's dry

Front of the car brakes in general already use disc brakes, if you loose the tires
the front of the car you will see a disc with a clamp calipers
disc when brakes are applied.

This caliper has two bolts located at the top and bottom. Bolt
it will connect the caliper with the caliper pin, this pin should be able to
shifted so that there is a lubricant in the form of "grease" on the surface of the caliper pin.
If the condition of the pin is dry or does not use lubricant, then vibration or sound
when the tread brake will occur.

The solution to overcome this is quite easy, you can release the brake caliper
and grease the two caliper pins sufficiently.

3. Calipers Bolts Apart

There are two caliper bolts that hold the caliper to the bracket.
If one of the bolts comes off, of course it will be very dangerous. Even though the caliper bolt is loose, the caliper will not slip from the bracket
because the calipers will be stuck on the inside of the wheels. So what happens is vibration and sound, vibration and
this sound does not only occur during braking, it can also be felt
when the car accelerates.

"Is it possible that the caliper bolt can come loose?"

Of course it can happen, this happens generally because of negligence. For example
when the brake is cleaned then we need to take off the brake lining, and when installing the brake pad
our brakes forgot to tighten the calipers bolt so that when the car runs the bolt

4. Use of Non-Original Brake Pads

Sometimes there are car owners who replace brake linings with the aftersales brand
which is not original for reasons more standard or cheaper. However, who
please note that not all brake lining materials are suitable for a car dish

Brake lining is made of several types of materials, some use ceramic, fiber
organic, and metal powders. If the brake lining used is not suitable
car brake disc, then when braking can sound up to
vibration arises.

The solution, use the original spare parts from your car. because of that already
Specially designed for your car. So it is more comfortable and safer.