Quick Strategy to Know How to Play the Drum

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Friday, August 23, 2019

Quick Strategies to Know How to Play the Drum – On
when playing drums it is recommended to practice routinely so that way
your play is good and easy to hear. Besides
that, if you often practice playing it then you will get used to it
with rhythm and patterns for playing drums. Thus you can become
quite professional.

Strategy Quicker to Know How
Play the Drum

The following are some tips so that you are more
quickly mastering how to play the drums:

1. Get to know a variety of equipment

The drum tool you need to know is the snare drum,
floor toms, bass,
ride cymbals, crash cymbals, Tom
and Hi-hat cymbals. After being able to distinguish the types of cymbals
then the next step is mastering how to hold the drum stick with

You can also learn various types
sticks so that you are familiar with all types of sticks.
You also have to practice how to tune and hit
drum properly
and good. After that, you also need to know how
sit properly so that it feels comfortable when playing the drum.

2. Learn the Rhythm of the Song

Next understand the rhythm of the song.
You can try playing with your hands without sticks to learn basic rhythm
to master how to play drums. Learn basic rhythm to be equipped for
mastering a rhythm that is more difficult. Then, you too
can practice counting the beat of the rhythm like a quarter
beats and eighths beats.

3. Allocate Time To Practice

Playing drums requires process and time to master them.
Therefore, it is recommended to practice how to play often
drum. It would be nice besides practicing alone you also practice it
to practice the tempo and the rhythm.

You are also encouraged to set aside time for
practice regularly. The goal is to improve skills and
mastering the technique of playing drums. For example, increasing the ability in
control the drum sticks and feet, understand how to determine the beat, speed
daat play and others.

4. Practice Properly and Correctly

You are encouraged to practice using a metronome,
this is because you can learn to play stable using a tempo
same. This is very important to learn because in a band then one
The drummer plays an important role in maintaining the beat and tempo when playing drums. If
there is no metronome so the alternative is to use a click track. Click track
is a metronome that has been recorded. You can play click tarck on
when practicing using stereo, computers and so on.

In addition, you also have to train
feet on the hi-hat foot pedal. The more we practice playing the foot pedal,
the more proficient in playing drums. You are also advised to practice
playing the drum relaxed and relaxed so that the sound produced is quite good.

5. Familiarize Your Body Parts To Move

It is recommended that you learn the basic playing techniques
snare drum. You can also learn how to punch single or double. Pg
This is very important so that your limbs are accustomed to the current position
playing drum. When
You play the drums so you can train your body to move together
at one time. One example is when the hand is holding a stick and doing
blow then the rest of the body also moves to the rest of the drum.