Quick Ways to Treat Bruises That Feel Pain

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Friday, August 2, 2019

Quick Ways to Treat Bruises That Feel Pain – Have you ever suffered a wound
bruised? Usually bruises appear purple, bluish
or green on the surface of the skin. Bruising can make you feel less trust
self, especially if the location of the wound is quite clearly visible. The following is
tips for treating bruises quickly that you can try.

Bruises are usually caused by lashes, accidents
or collisions that occur in certain body parts. The collision
resulting in the rupture of blood vessels under the skin. Blood will come out of
blood vessels and cause discoloration around the skin,
swelling, and pain. In plain view will look black and
bluish skin that is hit or impacted. Then a bruise will
turns purple to green and yellow.

Quick Ways to Treat

Basically, the bruise will disappear
in period
time 10 to 14 days without treatment. Although
the bruise will disappear by itself, maybe you can do a variety
ways to speed healing the bruise. Here are some
tips that can be tried.

Ice packs
on Bruises

Compress with ice as soon as possible
maybe. If you compress the vessels
blood around the bruised area, then the blood that comes out to the surrounding tissue will be less and less.
Just use a cloth that has been soaked in cold water then stick it on
bruised area for approximately 10 minutes.

Another way that can be done
by using
bag of frozen vegetables or ice cubes, then wrap in a towel. Paste it
bruises for 10 minutes, then remove. Compress again about 20 to 25
minutes later.

Warm compresses on bruises

After treating bruises with
an ice pack, the next day compress a bruise with a warm compress
to facilitate blood circulation in the bruised area and help cleanse
choked blood. Stick the heating bag (electric heating pad) for
20 minutes. Repeat several times a day. Be sure to follow the instructions
from the heating pad.

If you
don't have an electric heating bag, you can also use a filled bottle
hot water to treat the bruise. Warm compresses certainly make you
be very comfortable because it can reduce swelling, accelerate regeneration
cells and relieve pain.

3. Applying
Arnica Ointment

Arnica is an herbal plant that can be used for
reduce injury
bruised. Arnica contains natural substances that can
reduce inflammation and swelling. Apply arnica ointment or gel to the area
which is bruised every day. However, select the ointment that has already gotten
distribution permit from the National Drug and Drug Control Agency
and Food) and have pocketed SNI certificate (Indonesian National Standard).

4. Using a Cream
Contains Vitamin K

Another powerful drug for removing wounds
bruises are vitamin K creams. Vitamin K creams can help
blood clotting. Apply the cream
this twice a day on the bruised area to prevent bleeding.

Using Leaves
Parsley (Parsley)

Besides arnica ointment, parsley leaves
commonly called parsley is also good for treating bruises. The method is applied
finely ground parsley leaves around the bruises. Then wrap
bruised area with a bandage.


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