Reasons Not to Use Odol For Burns

Muhammad Jafar Siddiq

Friday, 05 July 2019

Reasons Not to Use Odol For Burns – What to do if you are exposed to a hot pan or oil spray
hot when on the move at home or outside the home (work)? Most people will
rely on toothpaste for first aid when exposed
hot water in contact with objects
hot. However, this is the case
can pose a risk to burns. Apply toothpaste to burns
only worsens the condition of the wound. Why is that?

Danger of Use
Odol For Burns

Odol or commonly called toothpaste, he said, can relieve pain due to injury
burn. In fact, this is a false assumption because of the content of toothpaste
it can actually make the burn worse. Paada
Basically, toothpaste (toothpaste) contains various chemicals used
as bleach and breath freshener (eliminate bad breath). The content of toothpaste is beneficial for even teeth
make the tissue around the burn more damaged. These ingredients
can cause irritation to change skin color if used
directly on burns.
Other materials that should not be used for
overcome burns Not only toothpaste is considered to cure burns, there are
some other home ingredients that are often used to deal with burns. In fact, the material is not capable
heal wounds and even aggravate burns. Ice Cubes Ice cubes can indeed cool the skin's temperature. However,
Using ice cubes or cold water in the wrong way can do it
impacting the skin, can aggravate the condition
from the wound. This material can
irritating the wound area, even causing a type of burn called cold
Oil Oil
has various uses for health. However, the use of oil
on burned skin tissue can trap heat and prevent it
burn recovery.
Eggs Like a myth on the use of toothpaste (toothpaste) for
giving first aid to burns, egg white is also not proven
can overcome the condition. White
Raw eggs can increase the risk of bacterial infection in wounds. This material
can also trigger an allergic reaction in some people. So
try not to apply egg white to burns.
Butter On
Basically butter is a food ingredient that is used as a substitute
cooking oil when cooking eggs. Basically the use of butter on
burns can worsen the condition of the wound. This is because of the air
which is in the skin tissue will be trapped by butter and can
slowing down the healing process, even butter can make the wound worse
skin tissue.


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