Types of Coolant Coolers in Machining

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Types of Coolant Coolers in Machining – Cooling
or commonly called a coolant is a substance used to cool
work pieces during the work process such as cutting, scrape and so on to prevent
corrosion of the workpiece. Coolant based on its type is differentiated into
2 types, namely:

1. Air Blow

Coolant or so-called coolant is a type
which has a form only in the form of air that is blown into the workpiece, the material
quickly catches and releases heat by going through special connected cheeks
by the blower. This type of cooler is arguably the cheapest
because there is no need to buy air.

2. Water Blow

Blow is a type of cooling that has a form
in the form of liquid that is sprayed into the workpiece which has a displacement rate
very slow heat. This is
coolers are most commonly used in workshops because they are easier to use and efficient. Pendigin Water Blow
divided into two, based on their ingredients and components.

Types of Coolant Water Blow Based
The composition

Coolant has a variety
materials or compositions that are adjusted to use, type of liquid
among others:

Synthetic liquids (synthetic
fluids, chemical fluids)
Emulsion (emulisions, water miscible fluids, water soluble oil, emulsifiable cutting fluids)
semi synthetic (semi synthetic fluids)
(cutting oils)
Coolant Based on the content
Whereas the types of coolers based on their constituent contents are:



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