Ways To Clean Rust Stains

Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Ways To Clean Rust Stains – Rust stains often appear if not
take care of the furniture well. Starting from garden furniture, terrace or yard
back with iron or other metal furniture, sometimes
tooling utensils are also often exposed to rust. Therefore it is very important
to protect metal-based equipment from rust damage,
especially during the rainy season and winter which can speed up the process
rusting due to excessive humidity in the air.

After the metal begins to eject
signs of rust, try to take some effective steps to prevent
rusting process occurs. On the type of metal surface and the amount of rust will determine
cleaning technique itself. Consider the equipment that will be used to scrape rust
also very important. In some cases, it's better to use a toothbrush
or can also use dish washing fibers, while for rust problems
included in the serious group can use a large brush with metal bristles. Maybe
for those of you who are looking for a solution to effectively clean rust stains see
the following article.

Rust is metal
which is oxidized. This happens when iron joins oxygen in the air
and cause corrosion. Rust can affect iron and the like,
including steel.
One of the main triggers of rust
namely water.

Although the structure on iron
and steel looks sturdy. However, behind all that
over time the water molecules can penetrate microscopic gaps in the metal,
and this can start the process of corrosion.
If there is salt, for example in sea water, the corrosion process will be faster
happen. Then exposure to sulfur dioxide
and carbon dioxide can also speed up the process of corrosion.

Rust causes the metal to expand and can put a lot of pressure
on the overall metal structure. On
at the same time, the metal will weaken, then over time it will become brittle, and

Remove Rust With Simple Ingredients

1. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is a chemical compound that is quite popular
and found in almost every home, it turns out baking soda is enough
effective in removing rust from metals. By using
a little mixture of baking soda and water on the rust stain, then clean.

First of all that must be done
that is, mixing baking soda with water (or hydrogen peroxide for rust
which has been left for too long) until the mixture becomes thick. Then apply
the mixture to a rusty surface with a cleaning cloth, and let it stand
for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, rub the area
rust so strong that rust can disappear. Do that
three times. This simple technique is very effective in cleaning
rust from metal surfaces, patio furniture, and gardening tools.

2. Using White Vinegar

Because of the acidic nature and
Its antimicrobial properties in vinegar are known as natural cleansing agents. You can add a little salt to
increase acidity and produce a stronger rust cleaning solution.
It's not only metal that can be cleaned. However, you can clean almost all parts
at home with white vinegar. When metal furniture is rusting, it is enough to rinse the furniture
the metal with white vinegar and leave it for 10 minutes. Then rub with the dishwasher until the rust is gone.

3. Using a Mild Cleaning Liquid

Easy way to
Get rid of rust by cleaning the initial stains and signs of going
the appearance of rust before
be a threat. All you need is cleaning liquid and cloth. Spray liquid
special cleaner directly to the rusty surface and use a cloth for
rub it on. Now clean the entire surface thoroughly. Rust stains
will turn brownish red and will slowly disappear while continuing
rubbed with a cloth.

4. Using Salt and Lemon

Homemade method
others are no less effective for removing rust stains on metal surfaces with
use lemon mixed with salt. Salt here plays a role
as an abrasive, while the citric acid in lemons
creating chemical reactions that can help remove rust.

In this method, mix the lime juice and salt, then
stick to rusty areas. After a few hours, you can rub it to find
rust free surface.

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